Carbon Neutral

This year we decided to do something revolutionary, as the very first carbon neutral fashion week. So, while we are celebrating the "Art of Fashion, Film, Art and Technology," Rainbow Fashion Week stopped to think about our global warming crisis. What the textile industry is doing to our water, shattering our ozone layers and causing islands to almost sink beneath the sea level. So RFW decided that each of us bears the responsibility to do something, to try something if just one thing. This year we will.




Clothing and textiles are nearly 100 percent recyclable. More and more designers are recycling their old lines. The textile making process is energy and resource intensive. By recycling clothing you are cutting down on the number of resources needed to produce new clothing.



Redesigned fashion reaches from the haute couture houses of Paris to online DIY communities: from 15,000 dollar coats made from old gloves to women pledging not to buy any new clothes for half a year. It's a step beyond buying vintage or secondhand; redesigned fashion is about making old clothes- whether worn out, out of style or simply unloved- new again.



The goal is to get as many people as we can to stop buying new manufactured clothing which in most cases is made in sweat shops, saving lives, our environment as well as money and learning new skills along the way.



Last year we decided to do something revolutionary at a fashion event. While we we celebrated Fashion, Film, Art and Entertainment, RFW stopped to think about our inner health. What about our mental health? How we were doing spiritually? Being happy on the outside is only half the picture of total well-being. “The Metamorphic Corner is the heath and wellness extension of Rainbow Fashion Week. Each night wellness spiritual, health and wellness coaches will assist every production team to deliver their social responsibility theme, throughout the night and to their specific target audience.


RFW made history in 2014 with a proclamation from New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, officially declaring it an "Official New York City Pre-Pride event. Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams eloquently stated in his proclamation to RFW, “whereas, on behalf of all Brooklynites, I salute initiative of Rainbow Fashion Week for showcasing queer fashion brands and their ability to help create economic opportunities for emerging talent within the fashion industry; I applaud the initiative of Rainbow Fashion Week to increase access for queer fashion designers, models, hair stylists and fashion professionals to ensure their future inclusion within New York’s creative pool; and I thank everyone for all that they have done to touch and improve the lives of many, helping to move our communities forward.

Fashion for
The Cure

Fashion for the Cure is the very first mobile fashion event where we take our team of stylist, hair, make-up “fashion them up” and treat deserving elders to a night on the town courtesy of our sponsors. We pick them up in specialized upscale vehicles that can accommodate their every need and bring them to our RFW events. While we have much reason to “celebrate” our “out and proudness, or our accomplishments we’ve gained on the grounds of Marriage Equality – our healthcare advances still lag behind considerably. We can no longer afford to wait for change to come to us. We have to be part of the solution.

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